Rebranding A Small Wine Business.

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Bill Warry had been in the wine trade for a few years, but wanted some time to focus ON his business, not IN it. After a ‘Brand X-Ray’ consultation with Jason, he came away with some fresh thinking: how to raise his profile, attract more customers and build a road map for his brand. Here’s how the conversation went:

B: Working with brands is one thing. Believing the same is another. How will Thorne Creative bring the two together for my wine business?

J: You want a focus on communication that engages with both hearts and heads. A new image is fine, but your brand is not just about a new logo. People want to engage with a brand they know and trust. We want to create distinctiveness you can hang your hat on, and deliver on that promise.

B: Some brands let things happen. The best brands make things happen. How will Thorne Creative bridge that gap for me?

J: The best brands attract, engage and retain their audience all the time. Your branding must embody core values about your products, services, suppliers, customers – and tell a believable story about them. Importantly, your brand is about you. It comes from and goes to the heart of your business, running through every aspect of it.

B: What is the point of difference for my business?

J: I think it’s about your personality. You should be placed at the heart of the brand. We should play to your strengths as jovial, affable wine enthusiast. Wine’s answer to Keith Floyd! In this way, you will be able to deliver your own blend of personal service and expert knowledge that people will really warm to. Customers just do not get that at, say, the supermarkets.

B: How would Thorne Creative communicate this branding strategy?

J: In various ways, including brand naming, logo design, sound ‘jingle’, web design, stationery, labels, leaflets, signage, wine and food pairing videos, social media and blogs, email alerts and so on.

As a result of this X-ray, Thorne Creative relaunched Bill’s wine brand with a whole new identity in words, images and sound, based on a coherent, well-planned strategy. For more about this project, please see Bill Warry’s World of Wine (in Work/ Advice) and read the free download:

Free download: Branding for SME's