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Stefan Lubo

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Stefan Lubo is a London based photographer specialising in ‘distinguished photography’ of people, places, events and possessions, with a certain eye for the unexpected. Having already got to know Stefan at various business networking events, we eventually persuaded him to review his branding through our ‘brand x-ray’ consultation, creative and design services. Key to the project was a simplification of the message, playing to Stefan’s strengths and bringing his imagery much more to the fore. Positive feedback of our work from Stefan’s clients has now led him to entrust us with his brand on other practical levels too, like managing the hosting of his website for example.

“I have known Jason for some time now, and he has helped me review my branding through detailed observation of how I work. With his team and me, Jason has undertaken discussion leading up to a simplification of the message and through a re-launch of my now mobile friendly website. Now I am making more powerful use of my images, which has generated very positive feedback from clients and people new to the website; and I heartily recommend Jason to anyone needing such advice and creative practice to help them grow their business.” Stefan Lubo