Revolving Doors mental health charity branding marketing design Interactive Print

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Revolving Doors


Designed the Revolving Doors Annual Review, for their clients, funders and trustees. A brick wall graphic represents barriers often encountered in mental health. As you read through the review the barriers fall away. Also designed an interactive CD-Rom and printed user-guide for RDA to use in presentations and courses. Each segment in the menu symbol represents a section of content, so the design of this shape grew quite organically, and is flexible enough to expand or contract depending on how much content there is at any given time. Brand colours blue/ grey/ white are used throughout.

“Thorne Creative delivered a project for me when I worked at Revolving Doors Agency, a leading mental health charity. They were a pleasure to work with, delivered the work on time and in budget, and the product and design they came up with was innovative. I would highly recommend Thorne Creative.” Sarah Bailey, Director of Partnerships, Revolving Doors Agency