Kicking In Luxury Markets

Not sure if you saw my dig at a bunch of local high street shops recently? It was on social media. (Either way, I won’t hold it against you. Social media is pretty low on the agenda, according to my SEO marketing expert. But that’s another story.) Dunno really? I wouldn’t call it a summer holiday? More a change of scene. Whatever, some weeks ago I took myself off walking for a few days. Coming home each day? But away for 5, 6, 7 hours at a time. Anyway. It was fun? If not exhausting.

Importantly? It was exhausting mentally. Again, I’m not really sure WHAt it is. Maybe we need to be (put) under extreme pressure here, before actually DOing anything. Maybe it’s the classic middle-class English way. Keep calm and carry on. Except every so often there ARE limits. So picture the scene. 3 hours into my trek? Starting to feel tired, hungry and ready for a rest. When suddenly? I found myself approaching an attractive looking commuter style town/ village, the type so typical on the outskirts of a big city; still within the outer ring road. In the past? I might have played along. Not even noticed. Whereas THIs time? Well, I even surprised myself. How curiously frustrated, cross, even angry I felt. When confronted with a whole parade of luxury leaning fayre, RIDdled with branding faux pas! And I mean REAlly bad. No appreciation of taste? DREadful aesthetic judgement? And worse still? A pretty healthy (and wealthy) looking clientelle. It’s like. Whoa. Did culture pass this place by? Did fashion forget to check in?

I’m not going to mention any names; that would be rude. Besides. I think what’s MORe pressing? Is how what I experienced that day is just the tip of the iceberg. How. On the whole? (Or in our eyes at least.) Luxury markets. From the humble high street to the moorings of Monaco. DESperately struggle walking the talk. It’s that dangerously fine line between effortlessly understated class and crassly overblown bling, that is so inCREdibly hard to judge.

Look. It feels good to have cleared the air. Question is? How can we help! Are you struggling to make your luxury brand heard? Get in touch today. And I promise. We are much better to deal with in real life 😉