Hang Your Hat On Branding

We take the view that perhaps despite popular opinion, there IS no one-size-fits-all approach to branding, and that in order to stand out from the crowd, you actually need to set yourself far apart from it. We call this challenge, Hang Your Hat On Branding.

Imagine your brand as a 3 pronged hat stand in the entrance to a shop. 3 members of staff come in and hang their hats on it. Looking at the collective choice of hat styles on a simple stand, ask yourself ‘how does this help describe the personality of the business, and the customers who shop there’.

Mental block? Here are a few hat styles to get your branding juices flowing!


Kick back and grab another beer, because the beanie is the hat for people who like to take it easy. Despite your relaxed vibes, you still like to make the effort to look good, and the beanie is the versatile hat which can be matched with any outfit and look good in most informal settings. You also probably know at least one boardsport… or at the very least, have always wanted to learn.


So long as you’re not wearing it sideways, the snapback cap oozes street style. You probably know where the best parties are at, and can walk down the road with your confident head held high. The retro appeal of a snapback will also give the people the impression that you know your fashion history.


In the good old days the bowler would have been just as formal as the top hat, however it seems to have captured the eye of contemporary fashionistas in a way that the topper never quite could. Wearing a bowler hat, especially if you’re a woman, tells the world that you’re not afraid to take a few risks while the indie look suggests that you’ll most likely be found on the festival circuit or at the quaintest coffee shop in town.

So what style of hat would suit your brand the most? And why. When we meet with clients to give branding advice, the conversation often comes round to this subject at some point. After all, if we can help define your brand personality, it’s so much easier to communicate it later on.

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