Engaging The Senses

Continuing the canal/ towpath walking theme. (Were we? 😉 And I have to be careful not to deviate from the path here too much! (Ha. Canal? Path? Never mind.) In that our branding work is very much rooted in design: type, graphics, visual communication. However. We do find ourselves drawn to how branding engages not just sight, but all the other 4 senses as well.

I think what’s nice about (semi) rural walking is that it provides a welcome. Even essential break from the screen. (Providing Consultancy services does the same thing for us, but in a different way.) What highlights this the most perhaps, is how when we are least expecting it, nature surprises us with a healthy slap in the face. (Metaphorically of course.) Apart from the obvious peace & quiet one associates with, and expects from the countryside; the gentle sound of stream running water, feet kicking through leaves etc. Overlooking the impact of rural smells. (For instance?) Is easy to do. It’s hard to convey, but try imagining the aroma of fresh ground coffee. Wafting out from your favourite coffee shop. After not having had any for a while. Or opening the window to the scent of freshly mown grass in the park. It knocks you for six! When we’re immersed in the smells of urban life, so often stale and acrid, the sudden pungent pong of something strange. Coming to you. Direct. From an open field. It’s really quite refreshing.

But what do YOU think. So far, our work has been all about sound & vision the most? Can our awareness of touch, taste and smell help you stand out in the crowd too?