Disruptive Influence

Do you read any Sales Books? He asked. (My mate in business development that is. Works for an IT firm in Southwark. I might have mentioned him before.) Not really I replied? Somewhat with my tail between my legs. Only trouble is? We do not actually LIKE reading. Well. Not as a rule, and certainly not books anyway. Dunno. I can. And DO read a lot of blogs from other people; the newspaper? I read cover to cover. (Eventually?) Besides, something else I picked up same day… Successful business is not about building a strong sales pipeline? It’s about building a strong brand! Or words to that effect. Of course, in reality you need a bit of both. But okay, this advice works for me.

Anyway. What I am getting at, is that over the last day or so, the word Disruption has kept on cropping up. Originally posted by Dave Trott in a witty tweet nothing close to 140 characters, I was left dangling; not entirely sure what he was on about. So I quite naturally found myself toddling off to research further. What I discovered is that it’s actually okay to be disruptive. (So far I’ve been hiding behind Positive Provocation.) I mean. Everything you are taught at school, or home, or both suggests otherwise. And then you notice other folks in the world of branding & business using it as part of their pitch too. Right there, in their twitter bio. Furthermore? When you start thinking about it? It’s perfect. If we are going to make a difference for our clients? Helping them to stand out from the crowd etc? What better than to create a little disruption. Maybe a lot. If it’s going nowhere fast? It needs shaking up! Fast.

Nevertheless, there is something… What’s the word. Difficult, about disruption. People on the whole (I’d suggest) do not actually WANT to be disrupted. It’s a lot easier to carry on carrying on. Don’t rock the boat. However. If we are going to make progress? Sometimes we just have to bite the bullet; take the risk of failing, before it’s too late. Besides, if you have a back up plan; something to fall back on? However basic. It’s not such a big deal. (Is it? 😉