When Branding Just Got Personal

Here’s one that’s been ruminating for a while? Why the procrastination publishing? I think because we are STILL. (Somewhat?) Waking up to providing branding consultancy services! And yet, surely personal branding IS small business. Where. (Like us?) Founders are usually the direct point of contact. And. (As a result?) Live & breathe the brand. (Or should do?)

On a bigger scale the same rules apply; think Sir Richard Branson for example. Personally? We LIKe Branson. (Although he can be a bit of a tw** at times 😉 Ever since launching Virgin, he has been there as its omnipresent public voice. Perhaps (initially) to save on marketing costs. And of course, this has worked SO well, Sir Richard has become a household name; successfully pinning all MANner of products & services to his own familiar face. (Others adopt this approach too; think Dyson and the Beckhams.) In other words, Branson himSELf has come to embody all the brand values his business espouses.

Here at Thorne Creative, I tend to think that branding for businesses & individuals is one and the same thing. Importantly, it’s the INTegrity of the brand that matters. Or the brand’s ability to follow through on its propaganda; persuading its customers enough that it practices what it preaches. Walks the talk. Etc.

Furthermore, integrity is about how brands deal with the bad times as well as the good. Love/ hate Marmite nailed it a long time ago (and have been cashing in ever since). As the saying goes, you cannot please everyone all of the time. Pick your fights. It’s how you deal with a situation that counts. Bring your audience with you too. Share the journey with them. It’s surprising how much they will tolerate when things are going bad. IF, they know you will reward them when the going’s good.

As Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon famously says: “Personal brand is what people say about you when you leave the room”. We do not really have a problem with that?

Many thanks to @IanMCalvert, @Lisa_Newton1 & @Spring68 for providing inspiration behind this blog.